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Benefits of Planned Service:
  • Reduced Energy Costs – Can save up to 20% when operating at peak performance!
  • Fewer Part Failures and Longer Equipment Life!
  • Same Day Priority Service- Guaranteed!
  • 24-Hour Service – Guaranteed!
  • Superior Workmanship Repair Warranties – 60 Days on Labor!
  • No Overtime, Holiday or Weekend Surcharges!
  • Discounted Labor Rates!
  • Free Telephone Technical Support and Consultation!
  • EPA Documentation and Filing as required by Law.

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Super Systems

Planned Service

Planned Service

Planned Service is the most important aspect of our Super Service program. Just as your vehicle needs periodic maintenance to perform properly and prolong its lifespan, so does your hvac system. Today's hvac systems are sophisticated pieces of machinery that require all of its parts (from the compressor, down to the filter) to work in perfect harmony. Failure to perform regular maintenance on a hvac system will result in excessive stress on its components that will lead to decreased performance and costly repairs. Your experts at HVAC Services have a solution: Planned Service.

Our Planned Service program allows for 2 visits a year (spring & fall). During each visit, our highly trained technicians will perform a seasonally specific maintenance on your hvac system(s), which includes changing your filter(s).

    Typical scope of work for Spring and Fall

  1. Lubricate moving parts (non-sealed) as needed
  2. Replace current disposable air filters with pleated disposable air filters for all units
  3. Level, check and clean thermostat for proper temperature reading
  4. Replace missing screws in/on cabinet, etc.
  5. Clean the condenser coil – Spring
  6. Inspect the evaporator coil with C02 – Fall
  7. Check electrical components for tightness – conductivity can be lost through vibration
  8. Check for Oil and Refrigerant leaks
  9. Check safety devices
  10. Check refrigerant level – additional refrigerant will be invoiced
  11. Check and clear condensate drain
  12. Install algaecide tablets to prevent build up
  13. Check condenser curb for levelness
  14. Test electrical controls for proper operation
  15. Check refrigerant controls for maximum efficiency
  16. Check coil temperatures for maximum efficiency
  17. Economizer Filters and dampers will be inspected, cleaned and lubricated
  18. Inspect ductwork at the unit for proper air distribution
  19. Check burners, carbon monoxide, gas pressures and exhaust – Fall (furnace)
  20. Check defrost cycle, reversing valve and emergency heat – Fall (heat pump)